Welcome to ygtSoluTions

Welcome to ygtSoluTions. We are a next generation Information Technology shop well suited to meet your business needs
and solutions in any imaginable way possible. Our limit is your imagination. We offer seemless integration of systems,
data and ideas on platforms such as web, mobile web, desktop applications, self service kiosks, native mobile applications.
The possibilities are limitless. The Question is how far do you want us to take you?

Cincinnati Daguerreotype Digital Exhibit launches

I’ve been blessed to work on this 4 month project…A digital Exhibit that shows the 1st ever digital photographs of Cincinnati taken in 1848. This project involves 2 50inch multi-touch screens located at the cincinnati public library in downtown cincinnati that i built using flash actionscript 3/a php mysql backend and gestureworks(open source as3 multitouch library) and a website that mirrors all functions sans multitouch using as3 library called zoomify…check it out at http://1848.cincinnatilibrary.org/index.php …The future is bright with the right amount of focus…


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